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St Andrews Environmental Network

Charity no. SC045253

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CCF Funding

St Andrew's Community Carbon Challenge


Funding secured £149,998


The partnership of St Andrews Environmental Network (StAndEN), St Andrews Botanic Garden (StABG), and Transition University of St Andrews (Transition UStA) successfully delivered a Climate Challenge Fund programme during 2016-17 under the title “St Andrews Low Carbon Hub”


This new project will build on the current partnership work and deliver greater carbon savings through having an established base, necessary equipment and protocols that were complex to establish. The further CCF funding the partnership was awarded for 2017-18 ensures that newly establish programmes become embedded and legacy secured. This would not otherwise be possible without CCF help.


The project aims to engage the St Andrews community on climate change and low-carbon living with demonstrations and events at local schools, community centres, and on the University campus, alongside home energy advice and a new energy demonstration and community hub at the St Andrews Botanic Garden. The St Andrews Community Carbon Challenge is a partner


ship between the St Andrews Botanic Garden, St Andrews Energy Network and Transition University of St Andrews. Our programme combines educational work and one-on-one meeting with energy professions with other practical projects that enable low-carbon living such as food growing workshops, skillshares, a tool library, bike loans and access to a community composting.


The Kernel is intended to be a new community space for low-carbon activities and all the

projects will extend more widely across St Andrews

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