• This fully recyclable giftwrap from Planet Wrap It is made from 80% recycled paper and printed with eco-friendly water-based inks. It is free of glitter, foil, and other non-recyclable contaminants. Planet Wrap It papers are printed with ink cartridges made from recycled ocean plastic and come with zero plastic wrapping. We recommend that you use paper tape (also available from our shop) as plastic tape contaminates the recycling process. Paper that is soiled with food or grease should also not be recycled. Specifications: Slightly textured recycled kraft paper (50gsm) made from recycled materials (80% recycled materials, 20% kraft paper to add strength), colour-washed on one side and brown kraft colour on the other side. 

    Available as 5 X 1 Metre Sheet Wholesale packs.

    Planet Wrap Gift Wrap - Recycled Kraft Paper WS