St Andrews Community Carbon Challenge

About the project

Carbon Challenge

The St Andrews Community Carbon Challenge builds on a successful partnership of St Andrews Botanic Gardens, Transition University of St Andrews, and St Andrews Environmental Network, to create a low-carbon living programme and community space in St Andrews.

We are working together to highlight practical sustainability activities, including energy reduction demonstrations and expanding educational programmes alongside complementary practical “sharing economy” activities such as tool shares, bike share, and skillshares, including food growing skills.

Get Involved

If you like what we do, there are many ways to engage with us, and we are always happy to speak with people to offer advice.

  • Home Visits: Our experienced and knowledgable advisors can help you to reduce your carbon footprint with a range of pragmatic solutions from closing your curtains at night to better insulate the home, to installing any of the renewable technologies we recommend.
  • Campaigns: Continuing on from the initiative we started at Madras College; in December of 2017, we launched our "Say No to Straws" campaign, which is something we are encouraging everyone in town to embrace. If you would like to show your support for the campaign, click here to sign up.
  • Community Gardens: Come along to the Kernel which is located in the Botanic Gardens, one of many community gardens throughout the town. We share this communal space with Transition, who are running the Skillshare & Toolshare projects, which are fantastic initiatives you can read more about here.
  • Events & Presentations: We regularly host and attend events/presentations where we discuss and demonstrate effective measures of reducing your carbon footprint. Keep an eye on our events section, as well as our Facebook page for updates.
  • Volunteering Assistance from volunteers is a big help to us and is a high impact way of getting on board with our vision. If you like what we do and want to try your hand at volunteering, please get in touch.