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August Summary

What a month! August has been filled with heatwaves, summer holidays and kids

activities for us down at The Eco Hub. Here is a summary of what we have been up to

this month!

Eco Hub

Down at the Eco Hub we’ve been giving advice on energy, transport, and heating to

locals who pop in for a visit, alongside ordering our stock for our refill shop! We will have

a range of items from pasta, flour and pulses to dried fruit and oats. We are hoping to

get it set up by September and are looking forward to welcoming all of our customers.

We have been focusing on plastic pollution this month and our events and exhibitions

were all centred round this theme!

Community Garden

At our Community Garden the heatwave has done wonders for our plants. Our runner

beans are massive, lettuce has all been picked and donated to the St David’s Centre

and squash is starting to grow! We have had a lovely time hosting kids from the Cosmos Centre.

in our garden to grow some plants this summer too! See a before and after of the kids’

arrival below!

Beach Wheelchairs

It’s been a busy season for the beach wheelchairs! Despite closing for the Open, we

have had all of our chairs rented out frequently and are loving hearing about everyone's

trips to the beach. We close the beach wheelchairs at the end of September so if you

fancy a booking before the winter period let us know!

Clean & Green and St AndReuse

Dave, Donovan, and Rory have had a chaotic month with the reuse and Clean and

Green projects. Not only have Rory and Donovan taken on the role of chief dishwashers,

as we cleaned all of our refill containers ready to get our refill stock in, they have been

doing collections of all sorts of supplies following the Open, including 75kg of

screws, 41 truckloads of wood and 14 carpets! Between that and keeping the town

clean and tidy, they’ve been doing pack ups of donated supplies to deliver to those who

need it in the community, so a busy month all round!

Our focus for September will be sustainable fashion. Stay tuned for new exhibitions,

events and projects! We also now have a TikTok, find us at @StAndEn40

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