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Bring Your Own - Kids Games!

Summer is a time of trips, also meaning the time for fish and chips on the beach, ice-creams and takeaway coffees that come alongside it. While these wallet hurting, but inevitable, extras are really fab, it is because of them that Bringing Your Own resources and not using the single use, plastic ones provided with them is so important. If we want to keep these places clean, and produce less waste, having an alternative that won’t be binned to eat these meals with is key. For our Bring Your Own campaign, we have put a couple of activities together to do with kids on those days where it might not be beach weather! See more below:

Make your own plastic monster!

Get kids being creative, and reusing your old coffee cups, scraps, and plastic waste by creating your own monster! Cut out shapes, eyes, draw on some features and you have your own monster.

Alongside this activity, parents can explain or tell stories of why the plastic has been turned into a monster and what we can do to avoid having plastic monsters, such as bringing your own coffee cup and straws to cafes.

Make your own reusable resources!

Kids a little too big for monsters? No worries! With older children, the importance and reality of plastic waste is a little easier to explain. To really hone in on bringing your own resources rather than using single use ones, use old clothes a sew your own reusable bag! Decorating coffee cups to take with you is also a fun activity! Filling a picnic box with cutlery, plates and cups could also be a family activity, where you could decorate the box and plan a picnic.

If you do create some plastic monsters or make your own reusable bag, remember to tag us in the photos online and we can share these!

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