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Holidays Around The World Series - blog 2: Christmas in Uganda

Uganda Christmas – Martin Mwebesa

Christmas season starts on 24th December with shopping and people moving from cities

and towns to their respective villages. This always causes traffic grid locks that sometimes

triples the travel time.

Upon arrival, people celebrate the Christmas eve (24th DEC night) with BBQ and drinks

while storytelling and bonding.

Christmas Day starts off with slaughtering a goat (depending on the family size, it could be

chicken, sheep or even cow) followed by breakfast then attending church service at the

nearby church. After church, we go back home start cooking while story telling.

Our Christmas meal gets ready at around 5pm and consists of meats of various kinds,

vegetable, fruits normally enjoyed at the dinning while a few in the compound.

After the meal we go for a walk and on return do goat roasting with a few drinks.

To be honest, the festive season is entirely about food and visiting family, a lot of carbon is

emitted from travelling by private means to roasting and flying different types of meat.

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