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Holidays Around the World Series: Blog 4 - Christmas in New Zealand by Victoria Bevis

Christmas Day starts off as most people's do in the world with waking everyone up, followed by present opening! We would then normally have a cooked breakfast with most of it done on the BBQ, would come out, doors open and sun shining! We would then either take the dog for a walk down to the beach altogether or if we were having our Christmas meal down at the beach start to get everything prepped for that.

Our Christmas meal consists of salads, cooked ham on the bone, chicken, potato salad and coleslaw no matter where we would go-in the house on the deck outside or the beach. Dessert would be pavlova or Amborisa (which is a yoghurt, cream, raspberry and chocolate pineapple pieces-all mixed up and left gor 24hours before) If we had our Christmas lunch down at the beach we would stay till dark and would play games, go swimming and just relax. If it was at home we would go out again for a other walk come back and either have a nap or just relax. In the evening family friends would arrive and we would finish the leftovers, play board games and be merry! Some things are very similar to Scotland but having such lovely weather we would be wearing our flip flops, summer dresses and eating more lighter food and desserts!

hari Kirihimete (Merry Christmas in Maori)

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