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Kingsbarns Environmental Fair!

Last weekend (Saturday 4th December) we attended Kingbarns Environmental Fair, organised by Kingsbarns Community Council and held in the village Memorial Hall.

It was a great day of presentations, information stalls & interesting talks with the local community. Some of our team gave talks on several different topics (energy efficiency, renewable and low carbon technologies [energy], fast fashion and electric vehicles). We also had information stands for our domestic renewable projects, general energy efficiency, and plastic-free projects, as well as a pop-up plastic-free shop.

There was also an initial talk from Scottish Fire & Rescue regarding the new smoke and fire alarm legislation, and information from Woodlands Trust on tree ID and planting. We had a great chat with Transition University of St Andrews about the Crail to St Andrews Cycle Path and some representatives of other Fife Community groups about our individual Community Garden projects.

It was great to speak with the residents of Kingsbarns (and some visitors to the village) about the Environmental Network, our current projects and plans for the future – both the village and ours.

We had some really interesting discussions with attendees about sustainability and it was fantastic to hear what people are now doing, all in the name of becoming more sustainable – even the younger attendees engaged in the conversations (and had great fun with our wind turbine prop!). It is refreshing and affirming to hear that environmental issues are a major factor in peoples’ decision making.

A brilliant day all round – and the cakes weren’t half bad too…! ☺

We are always keen to attend events & speak with people about our projects – passing on (and learning) ideas about sustainability. If you would like to arrange for someone to come and speak with your community, do get in touch here!

Written by: Laura Coyle.

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