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Let-tuce Eat!

Despite the recent St Andrews rain dampening our spirits here at StAndEN, no complaints can really be had when we look to our community garden, where we’ve seen progress in lots of our plants already!

The lettuce we planted has started to sprout! With help from our volunteers, we have also managed to weed a large portion of the ground to plant some wildflowers, something we hope will be an excellent addition for the local bugs and bees. It’s not all planting however, we have also recently upgraded our tool shed, which, if nothing else, at least means we have some trendy new storage.

It seems fitting that we mark this occasion with a recipe, especially one with some lettuce! There’s nothing like something simple but tasty in summer. With hopes of more sunny weather incoming, see our lettuce wrap recipe, which can be tailored for various allergies. It is gluten-free, and feel free to swap out the tuna for a vegetable option to make it vegan friendly.

Interested in volunteering with us in our community garden? Email Kathryn at to find out more!

Written by Sophie

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