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New Community Garden

St Andrews Environmental Network is pleased to announce in National Gardening Week, a new and exciting community growing project in partnership with St Andrews Preservation Trust.

A new community garden is to be opened adjacent to the St Andrews Preservation Trust Museum’s Formal Garden. This year we will concentrate on clearing the site and pilot a section for growing food for the North East Fife Community Hub Café and the Community Fridge at the St David’s Centre. Over the coming years we will expand the area[JK1] for growing food and hope to be able to supply the Hub Café with seasonal fruit and vegetables.

If you are interested in volunteering at the garden, please e-mail

Jane Kell General Manager of St Andrews Environmental Network said “We have been looking to establish a growing project for several years now however finding a suitable site has been a challenge. I was delighted when we were approached by the St Andrews Preservation Trust about a possible partnership as they had an underused garden space. The concept of growing for the community was piloted at the Kernel site (St Andrews Botanic Garden) however the growing element of the project closed after the loss of the “Climate Challenge Fund” funding.”

Samantha Walker, Curator at St Andrews Preservation Trust said, “We acquired the garden space in 2019 and installed and ramp and path in 2020. Our garden co-ordinator, Marysia Denyer, was keen to use the space for growing and this made us wonder if there was a need locally for an edible garden. After getting in touch with Jane it was clear there was a need, and we felt an edible garden would be very complementary to our existing sensory and heritage gardens. We are all excited to work in partnership on this pilot project and can’t wait to see it take shape.”

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