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The Eco Hub- Garden Opening

Jane Kell and Willie Rennie MSP opening the garden, 26th June 2023

St Andrews Environmental Networking Unveils New Community Garden at The Eco Hub

St Andrews Environmental Networking (StAndEN), a local environmental charity dedicated to fostering sustainable practices and community engagement, is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its new community garden at The Eco Hub in St Andrews (40 Kinnessburn Road). This exciting initiative marks a significant step in promoting environmental consciousness and educational projects within the area. The grand opening of the community garden took place on the 26th July and was formally opened by Willie Rennie MSP.

The Eco Hub, located at the heart of St Andrews, has established itself as a hub of environmental advocacy, energy advice and now education. With the addition of the community garden, StAndEN aims to create an inclusive space where residents can connect with nature, learn about sustainable gardening techniques, and collaborate on environmental projects.

"Our new community garden at The Eco Hub represents a significant milestone in our mission to create a more sustainable and environmentally aware St Andrews," said Jane Kell, General Manager at StAndEN. "We believe that by developing a connection with nature and providing opportunities for hands-on learning, we can inspire positive change and build a stronger, greener community."

The garden will serve as a platform for various educational initiatives and collaborative projects. StAndEN plans to roll out educational projects with local schools, groups, and other organisations to develop programs that engage students and community members in environmental stewardship. The garden has been funded by Fife Council Locality Budget, National Lottery "Awards for All" and St Andrews Community Trust.

To learn more about the garden, upcoming projects that StAndEN have or how you can get involved, please visit or pop into The Eco Hub, 40 Kinnessburn Road, St Andrews.

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