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The Eco Hub- Renovation Week 4

The transformation is almost complete! We’ve had a couple of hiccups over the past week or so, but the effort the team has put in can be seen in the pictures of the Eco Hub.

The old AV walls have been completely rejuvenated with new plasterboard, plastering and paint. The internal restructuring has now been complete, which has opened the kitchen area into a much more useable space (previously, the space was divided into a small kitchen, staff room, and staff toilet). This area is now ready to have the kitchen installed by the professionals!

Another notable change has been the flooring. The previous organisation had fitted very tired (and retro) carpet squares. These have since been (painstakingly) removed with the floor releveled to make way for new vinyl flooring.

The work has been nonstop, but we were hit with staff absence which knocked our timetable back somewhat. However, we’ve all watched enough Grand Designs to know even the best-laid plans sometimes require a slight adjustment!

We are finally moving closer to setting up operations from the Eco Hub, and we’ve also got one eye on the large rear garden that will need ‘all-hands-on-deck’ to tame. We currently have several volunteering opportunities available at the organisation to assist with the community gardens, beach wheelchairs and Eco Hub staffing. If you would be interested in getting involved, please contact us today!

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