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Exhibitions and Campaigns

Plastic - July and August 2022

Our plastic exhibit looked at the impacts of single use plastic on the environment, from impacting wildlife to landfill. Cat Coulter, a local artist had plastic art on display and we worked with the Cosmos centre and cafe ink to do lessons on plastic with children in the community, while running plastic free campaigns on our social media channels.

Plastic Free July!.png

Sustainable Christmas - November and December 2022

Sustainable Christmas focused on how to make little changes to be more environmentally cautious, such as what tree to buy. We looked at traditions worldwide, sustainable gifting and collaborated with local artists, creating gift guides and an energy efficient Christmas dolls house.

Sustainable (1).png

Fashion - September and October 2022

Fashion focused on the impacts of fast fashion around the world, such as unfair labour and wages, climate impacts and landfill. We did comparisons of clothing in a mannequin window display, lessons on fast fashion with children at cafe ink and collaborations with local small businesses promoting reusing clothing, such as St Andrews Ball Dress Swap. 

Orange Quote Fashion Instagram Post (1).png

Energy - January and February 2023

This exhibit focused on the climate impact of energy alongside the financial. Stay tuned to see what we do! 

Green Teal Energy Saver Tips Informational Infographic.png

Reuse - March and April 2023

This exhibit focused on the importance of reusing items and the circular economy. 

REUSE Exhibit (2).png
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