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Go Wild This June

Photos: ‘Wild’ written using natural materials, hawthorn in bloom, great black slug, cardinal beetle & bracket fungus on a fallen tree.

Each year The Wildlife Trusts throughout the UK promote their ‘30 Days Wild’ campaign. This project runs throughout June and aims to encourage people to get out into nature, explore and learn about their surrounding environment. The photos above are our findings on day 1 of the challenge!

Now is a perfect time of year to get out and explore – the weather is favourable; birds are tweeting, and wildflowers are in full bloom!

As we approach the Bank Holiday weekend, why not get out to your garden, local green space, park, or woodlands. You could even pop down to the beach for an explore. There is so much to find and learn about.

If you spot something that you need some help identifying, many free apps are available. There are also some great online resources:

Birds: RSPB Identifying a Bird Guide

Bugs: BugLife Identifying a Bug Guide

Butterflies: Butterfly Conservation Identifying a Butterfly Guide

Rockpools: Countryfile's Rockpool Guide

Mammals: Woodland Trust Mammals Guide

Remember to look up and down – up in the trees and on the ground beneath the leaf litter and rocks!

If you post your findings online, don’t forget to tag us:

Facebook: @StAndrewsEnvironmentalNetwork


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