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October Update

October Update

Spooky season has arrived, and I suppose when this is posted, will be over! We have had a fun October down at The Eco Hub with great progress on our applications to develop our garden space and some out of office activities down at Café Inc! Continue reading to find out more!

The Eco Hub

The Eco Hub has been busy this month. October was the last month for our fashion exhibition, and we had a lot of great contributions from the community. We had a guest blog post from St Andrews Ball Clothing Swap, photos about pyjama upcycling projects from Madras College and we made spooky spiders out of old fabric at Café Inc!

Our next exhibition will focus on food and Christmas and how we can look to change little traditions we do every year to be more sustainable! We are hoping for this to be really community focused too!

You might not be aware, but we have a large garden space at the back of our Eco Hub which is currently very unsafe and underdeveloped. Stay tuned in the next few months for exciting updates about this space!

Clean and Green

With the end of the Dunhill, the Clean and Green team have been busy collecting items and supplies that can be reused in the community. They have collected 38.10kgs of screws, 3 truckloads of carpet and 7 flatbed loads of wood, all that will be reused in the community! Rory is even making some benches for our garden space at the Eco Hub, which we will post photos of very soon!

Alongside the collections from the Dunhill, Dave and the boys have still been doing their usual tasks, from making pack ups of household items for the community through the reuse project, to helping maintain the cleanliness of the town. Rain or shine, you will see the boys throughout the town working, as I can personally attest to after bumping into them on a dog walk on more than one occasion!

It’s not all hard graft however, in their lunchbreak we were donated some kids' games recently and of course had to do some quality control. They missed every single shot but kudos for trying!


There is not much news or updates about our projects. Our Community Garden is still running, and we have harvested some pumpkins! As the seasons get colder, we are starting to see a lot of our plants dying back a little, but we are optimistic that they will grow back even stronger next summer!

We are also definitely seeing a lot of calls for our energy advice, through Cosy Kingdom & Climate-Friendly Homes. We do have a waiting time as you can imagine but if you are needing any help, feel free to give us a phone!

We will see you next month for another update! Don’t forget to pop in and see us at 40 Kinnessburn Road!

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