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Community Garden - Update

And that’s a wrap – well, almost – for this year’s garden sessions.

We have had a rather fruitful (pun fully intended) harvest this year. We used last year’s successful crops to inform this year’s planting schedule. The addition of the raised beds and soil donation from a local resident has been wonderful – allowing us to extend growing space for the courgettes as well as providing a good space for carrots!

North East Fife Community Hub has, as a result, received donations of lettuce, beetroot, legumes courgettes, pumpkins, potatoes, carrots, rhubarb & apples.

We had a few trial crops in some areas of the garden – to see if the soil and location would work. Some did & some did not (RIP capsicums).

We are now looking ahead to year 3 and have a fairly confident plan to improve our yield further next year.

As the weather changes and the harvest has come to an end, all that remains this year is to prepare the garden for winter and early spring – dead heading plants, turning over the soil and tidying up the growing spaces.

As such, garden sessions will take place fortnightly, rather than weekly. Please see the schedule above if you would like to come along and assist.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to all who have contributed to the garden this year – the volunteers who nurtured the seeds along to seedlings and who have spent time in the garden – planting, harvesting, pruning, & weeding. To local residents – known and anonymous – who have donated seeds, tools, soil & pots. Also to Men's Shed who built our raised beds & Clean & Green who have done much of the heavy lifting!

Finally to North East Fife Community Hub for using the harvest to cook tasty & healthy meals for the community.

It really has been a team effort – and it has been a blast!

Thank you so much!

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