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The Eco Hub- Renovation Week 5

I think we can officially use the word transformation!

Since the last update, almost all trades have now finished their work at the Hub. Our Clean and Green team has constantly worked, assisting trades on-site and managing the renovation. Some of the most significant changes include decorating, floor laying, installation of the kitchen, and construction of all furniture (and there’s a lot!).

One of the principal functions of The Eco Hub was to allow StAndEN to centralise our operations. Up until now, our teams have worked between the office, St Andrews Botanic Gardens, Beach Wheelchairs office, and, of course, our homes. The Eco Hub has already allowed us to relocate the many household donations we receive under the St AndReuse projects and enable the team to test and get donations back out into the community.

Despite day-to-day office operations running from The Eco Hub, our doors are still closed until the 23rd of May 2022. As you can see, furniture has yet to be built, and flooring (particularly to the rear of the building) has yet to be completed. The ample rear garden space has still to be touched, but we will notify all volunteers when works are being planned.

We have also recruited some new staff as part of our admin team; welcome, Sophie and Kathryn!

Several our community projects have now started again. If you would like to volunteer at the Beach Wheelchairs or Community Gardens, please get in touch with

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