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Garden Renovations

After moving into The Eco Hub premises in May, we’ve had a really busy few months, redecorating, renovating and opening for business! The Clean & Green team took on a lot of the jobs renovating our building and now it is complete this will be no different for our garden space out the back.

We have a really long garden space, which, when we moved in, was covered in debris - everything from glass, old fans and even exposed wires were hiding under all the overgrown weeds in the garden. Follow along as we renovate and develop it into a community space with week 1, digging out all the rubbish!

While Dave and the boys can be seen driving around town in the Clean and Green van, it isn't very often we see them on any other equipment, especially not anything industrial. However, they put their driving skills to the test with a mini digger over the last week, clearing the garden, ready to lay down a fence, raised beds and wheelchair-friendly paths, so that we can have a garden space that is friendly for all.

Here are some photos of the progress so far! See if you can guess which are before and which are after! Photos include the garden before, overgrown. Rory and Donovan using the digger and it clear, after.

If you would like to help us develop our garden, email and we will certainly be able to accommodate. Over the next couple of weeks we will be clearing rubble into a skip, getting quotes for a path and putting up fencing. If you know of any businesses that may be able to help, please reach out!

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