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World Refill Day 2022

To celebrate the World Refill Day (16th June 2022) campaign, NGO’s, people and businesses around the world are promoting swapping out single use plastics for more sustainable, refillable options.

This is no different for us at St Andrews Environment Network, and this year it feels even more prominent with the opening of The Eco Hub where, among other things, we are opening a refill and eco shop!

Sustainability is part of our core as a charity and alongside our other projects, including St And Reuse, which we run alongside Transition University of St Andrews and our new campaign with Plastic Free Fife - Bring Your Own, we feel having a space in the community to access refillable and reusable products is an important step to reducing the amount of single use waste our community produces!

This is why it feels right at the moment to announce the stock of our first refillable products in our eco shop! As of now, we will be stocking Ecover dishwashing soap and laundry liquid, alongside Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner products!

We are also pleased to announce that we are now also registered on Refill app. This is an app which is designed to allow you to find, locally, places where you can refill your water bottle. Feel free to come in and one of our staff or volunteers would be happy to fill up your water bottle for you.

Pop down and give the Ecover and/ or Faith in Nature products a try (remember to bring your own bottle!) and, if you have any questions about the refill shop or the World Refill Day campaign, our advisors are always up for a chat!

We are located at: 40 Kinnessburn Road, St Andrews, KY16 8AD.

Written by Sophie.

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